Nick Von K

After making jewellery on the side for a number of years Nick began designing accessories for local label Ricochet during their late 90s heyday. “Ricochet was my training ground in fashion. We made all sorts of really cool designs and I discovered that I if made things bigger and bolder and edgier, the customers loved it. I kept pushing the boundaries and I learned that my crazy ideas were good, and my rock n’ roll aesthetic was a winner.” When Ricochet was sold in 2010, Nick Von K was born. "I really wanted to do something that was 100% my own, and at a level of quality and style that would make me really want to wear it. I also wanted to produce jewellery that was entirely different to everything else I had seen in NZ".
“The Nick Von K style is very eclectic. I did that on purpose when I launched the first three collections simultaneously so that I would never be boxed in as a designer. I always wanted the freedom to explore new territory and have the fans understand that about the brand.”