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Double Take

If you managed to catch Craigs interview with Kim Hill on RNZ National Radio you may have heard him mention one of his current book entitled, 'Double Take' currently underway for publication and hoped to be released later in the year.

"I often take two photos that are very close to each other and regard them as equally good. Sometimes one of the images looks more resolved in a harmonious ‘classical’ way, while the others look more edgy, ‘more romantic’ in its discordant energy. At other times, it is much harder to discern any difference between them, and their effect - their power - seems to me to be the same. It is as if one take is not enough to drain the full meaning from the situation. Monet painted series such as haystacks and cathedrals in a similar mode. In english the saying “double take” is often meant to convey the idea that we suddenly see something in front of us in a new light that is strangely compelling. If something captures the eye and demands more than a cursory glance; we look again.

 In these times of global warming and ecological disaster there is a very real sense in which we must have our own double take on nature. The immanent collapse of the natural world fills us with dread and fear yet its beauty and sustaining power can fill us with hope and the fight for a better world."

 - Craig Potton


Lake Hauroko, Fiordland I Lake Hauroko, Fiordland II

Lake Hauroko, Fiordland I & II


Northwest Arm, Lake Te Anau, Fiordland I & II


Hope Arm, Lake Manapouri, Fiordland I & II


Lake MacKenzie, Routeburn Track, Fiordland I & II


Rata Forest, Enderby Island I & II

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