Yesterdays New Earth - New Zealand's Geothermal landscape

Craig Potton

Yesterdays New Earth - New Zealand's Geothermal landscape

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Yesterday's New Earth is an exploration, in images and in words, of some of the geothermal expressions of the Taupo Volcanic Zone. The zone is an intriguing region which runs from Tongariro National Park in the South to White Island in the Bay of Plenty. Within some 100km it contains at least ten major geothermal fields which are readily accessible to the general public. These places assault all human senses and evoke paradoxical feelings; of beauty and ugliness; creation and destruction; fear and delight. Craig Potton and Peter Wood believe that these landscapes have been misunderstood and much abused. They hope Yesterday's New Earth will help the reader reassess these startling places.

Craig Potton & Peter Wood

Hardback 310mm x 255mm

ISBN 13: 9780908802135