Where Is It? A Wildlife Hunt for Kiwi Kids

Ned Barraud

Where Is It? A Wildlife Hunt for Kiwi Kids


What adult does not delight in engaging with a child when reading a ‘look and find’ book.  Where is it? is an original take on this concept, a New Zealand wildlife hunt for kiwi kids.

Every double-page spread illustrates a different habitat, including the forest, the mountains, the beach, the ocean, estuaries and wildlife sanctuaries.  In each of these habitats, there are many different creatures to be found, some easy, some more hidden.  This book is a fantastic way to teach younger children about New Zealand’s wildlife, and what lives where.

The book also includes a glossary, with interesting information on each creature, which will help expand a child’s knowledge about New Zealand’s remarkable natural world.

Stunning illustrations by leading New Zealand illustrator of natural history, Ned Barraud.

Aimed at 4-7 age group, this book is a rich resource for parents and teachers.

Book Type

paperback edition




260 x 260 mm




Ned Barraud


October 2020