Tongariro - A Sacred Gift

Craig Potton

Tongariro - A Sacred Gift

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Tongariro, A Sacred Gift is the result of an intensive study of New Zealand's first national park. To assemble the material for the definitive work, author/photographer Craig Potton lived for more than a year in the park itself, and the book's 140 exquisite full-colour photographs are drawn from well over one thousand examples of his technical and artistic skill. Tongariro in all its varied moods is faithfully recorded, as are the magic glimpses of bird or flower, the play of light on wet green leaves, or the clear blue of a mountain lake. The park's volcanic origins, human history, and flora and fauna, as well as the problems associated with its conservation and exploitation, are all explored, both in the illustrations and in the readable and authoritative text. This book is comprehensive and visually stunning, a fitting tribute to 100 years of the Tongariro National Park.


Published: Craig Potton: 1987

Binding: Hardback


Size: 31 x 22cm

Pages: 193