Milford Sound



This photo was a long time in the making, but also extraordinarily serendipitous in that I caught the split second phenomena of a huge waterfall being blown back up the mountains behind the wind. I wanted to capture Fiordland in all its mad glory as it's one of the wettest, stormiest places on earth, so I waited for the worst forecast possible and travelled down in winter to Milford Sound. I had two identical cameras, both with 50mm lenses. I set the shutter on both at 150 sec and darted outside the boat's cabin to take two or three shots before the camera and lens became drenched in rain. I then ducked back inside and gave my wife the wet camera to dry and clean while I drenched the other one. And so it went for an hour before the boat's skipper and my wife decided enough was enough.

Taken on Nikon F.4. 50mm lens. Kodachrome 64 film, shutter speed 125th/sec.

Limited edition of 15 - one size only