Not Set In Stone: The Consequences of a Mountain Life

Dave Vass

Not Set In Stone: The Consequences of a Mountain Life


Between the 1980s and 2015, Dave Vass became one of New Zealand’s leading mountaineers. In Not Set in Stone he recounts the beginning of his outdoor life caving and rafting, before turning to climbing and the hard routes on Mt Aspiring National Park and Darran Mountains in Fiordland. In 2015, however, everything changed. Coming out from a climbing trip, walking down a river at night in a gathering storm, a relatively minor slip resulted in a broken neck, and incomplete tetraplegia. Dave’s brave, compelling story concludes with how he makes sense of a completely changed life now lived in a wheelchair, far from the mountains.

Not Set in Stone is a brave, compelling book, that not only eloquently describes the passion of a mountain life, but the consequences of when it goes wrong, and how he has had to come to terms with a completely different existence. Dave Vass is a talented writer, and this book will take a unique and important place in New Zealand’s outdoor literature.

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Dave Vass


April 2023