Manaaki and te Marama
Manaaki and te Marama

Kim Filshie & Nick King

Manaaki and te Marama


One evening Manaaki discovers te Marama (the Moon) high up in the starry sky. But when it rains, there is no "Marama" and even when the clouds clear he's nowhere to be seen. Will te Marama ever come back?

About the authors:

Kim Filshie has worked in early childhood education for over 25 years. Recently she's begun a journey to combine her professional life and experience with her love of painting and illustrating.

Nick King is a marine biologist who's discovered there is always more to learn about the sun, moon, and tides. Their interacting cycles affect the shellfish he works with as well as his sailing adventures!

Nick and Kim's grandson Manaaki helps them remember what it's like to see the world with fresh eyes.


Author: Kim Filshie & Nick King

Format: Paperback

Pages: 32

Published: 2020

Size: 230.5 x 210mm

Bilingual: English & Te Reo

Te Reo Translation: NZTC International