Limestone Reflections

Fox River

Limestone Reflections


I found this extraordinary composition in the Fox River, in the Paparoa National Park, when working on a book to promote the beauty of a region whose forests were at the time destined for logging. Only limestone makes those sculptural forms, as water acts both externally and internally on its relatively soft structure. I returned three times over a period of a year to exactly this place and remade the image until I felt that I couldn't do any better. Each time I waded out waist-deep in the river, and forced the tripod down to prevent it floating. It is perhaps one of the most perfectly designed photos I have taken, and this version, which I like most of the many I took, has very subtle exquisite interplays between the blue and greens.

Taken on Nikon F4. 135mm lens, Kodachrome 64. Aperture F16.

Limited edition of 15 - one size only