Kathmandu Valley Style

Craig Potton

Kathmandu Valley Style

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Nepal is widely acclaimed for its unique architectural styles. The palaces, temples, courtyards and streetscapes of Kathmandu Valley are protected as seven World Heritage Sites. In an effort to preserve the built heritage of the Valley, over the past few years many of the Valley's historic buildings have been restored and renovated with authentic flair. Lesser known are the imaginative adaptations of Nepal's architecture and decoration into new buildings and private houses. Examples include the superb Patan Museum housed in the restored and partly rebuilt Keshar Mani Narayan Chowk, Babar Mahal Revisited, a shopping and restaurant complex recently constructed in the Rana style of Nepal's 19th Century ruling prime ministers, and the Choegyal residence in rural Budhanilkantha. Using traditional designs and building techniques in historic and new buildings has breathed fresh life into Kathmandu's rich living cultural heritage, and provided additional attractions for Nepal's tourist visitors. Kathmandu Valley Style captures the wealth of the past and demonstrates how Nepal's vernacular styles of architecture can be used successfully in today's changing world. Kathmandu Valley Style illustrates how design themes from the Malla, Newar and Rana periods have been revived and expressed in present day buildings and lifestyles. It will appeal to visitors, tourists and all who love Nepal, as well as devotees of the well-known "Style" series of books and those interested in general art, architecture, gardens & interior design.


Author(s): Lisa Cheogyal & Craig Potton & Gautum SJB Rana

Hardback 293mm x 240mm

ISBN : 9781932476347