Fungi Tea Towel


Fungi Tea Towel


A flush of NZ fungi! Clockwise from top: Mycena subviscosa, Panus purpuratus, Entoloma hochstetteri, Resupinatus sp., Aseroe rubra, Cortinarius lubricanescens, Stereum versicolor, Ramaria sp., Hypholoma acutum, Psathyloma catervatim, Amanita australis, (inside circle, clockwise) Geastrum velutinum, Austroboletus novae-zelandiae, Ileodictyon cibarium, Psilocybe wereroa.

100% natural cotton, off-white tea towels are screened with our great range of designs. 51 x 76 cm. Each tea towel is hand-printed using water based inks (heat cured to last!).

Care Instructions

As a general rule we recommend the following care for our garments:

 machine wash cold with like colours

• avoid bleach

• line dry in the shade if possible

• do not dry clean

• our prints are fine to iron over (as they are heat cured)

• designs can fade over time, and fading is hastened by frequent hot washes.