Flames Earrings

Beatrice Carlson

Flames Earrings


Baroque Flame High Lustre Freshwater Pearls, Sterling Silver


“Magpie Nest” comes after discovering a nest during a walk and trying to understand its construction and consequently bird’s behaviour.

From the last 100 years bird nests collected from Museums have evolved:

1890: nest found made of berries, flowers, newspaper scraps

1956: the first synthetic threads were found in their construction

2019: a magpie nest was built out of headphones, dental floss, blue plastic tarp, coat hangers

Now, around 30% of bird nests incorporate human-made materials, primarily plastic detritus reflecting our attitude towards recycling, upcycling or down cycling and ultimately environmental respect. 

I am a magpie.

I like bling, fluff, gloss, sparkle...I have been collecting all my life, thinking of using them sometimes as a designer, as an artist… and I got more and more.

Magpie Nest Project is in reaction to and post-Covid:

No more buying but using what’s there; when there are no more supplies, or maybe, no more supplies I really need.

 I use lace, silk and fabric leftovers from my lingerie brand (1985),

gemstones, rhinestones and pearls collected in 25 years,

sterling: unwanted pieces, cut offs and leftovers,

all melted and turned into a nest…a Magpie Nest Project.

40 pieces of jewellery and mural artworks all related, linked, paired.

Thank you Liz for your construction wood, and your builder to cut it at dimensions…And also Malcolm, my neighbour of number 8, to help me with epoxy and tree pods things…Great to trade your skills with some of my 2013 Paua sheets!