Divine Beings, Borobudur, Java, Indonesia


Divine Beings, Borobudur, Java, Indonesia


To my mind it is the island of Java that we find the most perfectly conceived and constructed temple – Borobudur. So far, I have made four pilgrimages there to revel in the great art of that sacred place that is so expressive of the teachings and way of the Buddha.

Though an archeological ruin, amidst a now largely Islamic culture it feels alive with the dharma teachings of Mahayana Buddhism. It is on the adjacent island of Bali that living Hinduism mixes with local animism amidst a culture of a brilliant artistic heritage. The Balinese, like the Newars of Kathmandu Valley, have a wonderful artistic streak running clean and clear and unmistakable right through the centre of the everyday lives.

Taken on Nikon f4 camera Kodhachrome 64 transparency film 35 mm lens f11