Jeanette Goode

"I am lucky to come from a long line of women who have stitched, mended, patched, designed and created from necessity. These women hoarded, collected, recycled, reinvented and produced treasures and heirlooms, not for arts sake but for the hearts sake. Stitching is a way to mend the heart. Medals of Honour for Women are a tribute to all women who graciously go about the business of keeping the home, caring for the children, the friends, the elders and rocking the babies, and so much more. Each medal is unique, they are hand stitched with tiny stitches, the fabrics are antique, some almost falling apart. They are representative of the fragile, the frayed, the tattered and tired amongst us and the new thread is the connections that hold us together to create something new and whole and beautiful."

- Jeanette Goode