Improbable Eden - The Dry Valleys of Antarctica

Craig Potton

Improbable Eden - The Dry Valleys of Antarctica

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The Dry Valleys of Antarctica are one of the last truly remote places left on earth. With no cover of ice or snow and no rainfall, these dry valleys are "islands" in the midst of the frozen ice of the Antarctic continent, a strange environment of ice-covered lakes that hold some of the planet's purest water, huge expanses of wind-sculpted rock, barren eroded land forms and glaciers that intrude into the edges of the valleys. Access to this unique environment is extremely restricted. This book is built around the landscape photographs of Craig Potton, who gathered the images on two separate trips to Antarctica. The text is provided by Bill Green whose previous non-fiction writing on the Dry Valleys won him the John Burroughs Medal for nature writing in the USA.

Craig Potton & Bill Green

Hardback 310mm x 256mm

ISBN 1877333077