Hannah Sheehan

Growing up the daughter of a preeminent carver, jade runs in Hannah Sheehan’s blood. Even as a very young child, it was clear Hannah shared the same passion for the rare stone as her father. Her brother, Joe Sheehan, also shares her gift, working as a contemporary artist and jeweller. In recent years, Hannah has extended the language of her craft with a new medium. She chose the precious metals that accompany a piece of jade, for their ability to complement and enhance its beauty further. A self-taught silversmith, Hannah now creates a limited number of unique pieces from her small home studio, where she finds joy in the constant process of learning and honing her craft. An artist who puts a huge measure of love and time into each work, Hannah delights in seeing the finished product her hands and mind have fashioned. And as one piece is completed, inspiration begins stirring for the next.