A Whole and Two Halves (2023)
A Whole and Two Halves (2023)

Simon Morris

A Whole and Two Halves (2023)


Acrylic on Canvas

440 x 440mm

“This painting seeks light. The reflective surface both reveals and conceals colour and form. Daylight is synchronised with the viewer’s movement. This painting is spatial. In A Whole and Two Halves, through three simple applications space divides, and colour accumulates. Gravity leads the process, dispersing pigment over time creating edge and shape."


Simon Morris is a practicing artist living in Te Whanganui a Tara Wellington, New Zealand. He studied at Ilam School of fine Arts Christchurch and holds an MFA from RMIT Melbourne. He is an Associate Professor at School of Art Whiti o Rehua, Massey University, Wellington. His work explores contemplative traditions of painting through conceptual abstraction with particular focus on the physical and perceptual nature of colour, action and time, through light, gravity, temporality, accumulating forms and materials in painting, site responsive wall drawing, architectural collaboration. The intention of his work is to encourage direct experience of time in an accelerated, technology-driven world, while asserting the positive nature of hand-made images and objects, and their ability to connect people to material, place and environment.