Nelson, New Zealand
Nelson, New Zealand

Ray Salisbury

Nelson, New Zealand


“Hemmed in by the hills at the top of the South Island, Nelson was the second city established in New Zealand. Nelson is now the busiest fishing port in Australasia, also exporting forestry products and fruit. The city has emerged as a leading centre for crafts, and is famous for its festivals, laid-back lifestyle and record sunshine hours.”

“This book is a visual showcase of the people of Nelson at work and play, as well as scenic natural features such as the three national parks nearby. In addition, a brief history of Nelson is woven through the text, giving readers an historical overview from 1842 until the present. This combination of history and stunning photography make the perfect souvenir. It will appeal to both tourists and to those who have made Nelson their home.”

Author’s Bio

Ray Salisbury has resided in Nelson for fifteen years, but his ancestors came here as early as 1849. They include the Cawthron, Shirtliff and Salisbury families. Born in Wellington, he was raised in Auckland where he attained a degree in Graphic Design. Ray worked for publishers of newspapers, magazines and books, as well as in other design studios. A twelve-year career in teaching art and design led him and his wife to move south to Nelson where he has established his own design and photography business. Ray has now been photographing Aotearoa for 50 years, selling his best photos to calendars and online image libraries.

Author’s Other Books

1997 Self published CAPE TO CAPE - 80 Day Traverse of the North Island.

2020 Potton & Burton TABLELAND - the history behind Mt Arthur.

Title: NELSON – New Zealand

Publisher: Lighthouse Creative

Author: Ray Salisbury

Category: Non-fiction picture book

Publication Date: Mid-October 2022

Format: Tall, A4-sized,68 pages.

ISBN No: 9780473634520