Build your own Dinosaur Museum

Lonely Planet Kids

Build your own Dinosaur Museum


We've just received a new crate of dinosaur fossils- and they need assembling! As the museum's resident dino expert, you'll have to pick the correct room for each skeleton, then get building! There are five pop-up skeletons to construct, including a Triceratops, Stegosaurus and T-rex, plus lots of prehistoric facts to discover.

This activity book makes readers the dinosaur experts as they open crates, assemble fossils and build themed exhibits using the materials provided. Fun and interactive, this prehistoric pop-up challenges potential paleontologists to tap into their Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Mathematical and Creative construction skills to create their own dinosaur museum. Gatefold tip-in with five pop-up skeletons for assembly included in the book Tons of prehistoric facts to discover and learn * Illustrated museum rooms ready for display.

24 Pages


Ages 6 - 8