Blackie the Fisher-Cat

Janet Pereira & Gabriella Klepatski

Blackie the Fisher-Cat

This delightful story is about an unexpected friendship between an adventurous cat and a grandfather who loves to fish.

Blackie is no ordinary cat. Blackie is a cat with character and a cat with a kind heart. She also knows what’s good for her – food, fishing and friendship! And Grandpop is in need of a friend. He has returned to his favourite camping ground, but this trip is different – Grandpop is alone. One morning, Grandpop discovers Blackie on his caravan step. Over the next few weeks, a very special friendship emerges between Blackie and Grandpop. The story finishes with a heart-warming twist.

Blackie the Fisher Cat is illustrated by talented artist Gabriella Klepatski, who beautifully captures the magic of New Zealand’s coastline.

Author: Janet Pereira and illustrated by Gabriella Klepatski
Format: Hardback or Paperback
ISBN: HB 9781927213049 ~ PB 9781927213032
Pages: 36
Published: Apr 2014
Size: 230 x 260 mm