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Craig Potton is New Zealand's leading landscape photographer, conservation ambassador and patron of the arts. This September, Craig Potton, Martin Hill and Ian Macdonald (pictured) collaborated in an exhibition called 'To Save a Forest', held at the Pingyao International Photography Festival in Shanxi, China. The three artists, who are united by their commitment to preserving natural wilderness, were extremely well received with Martin Hill winning the 2014 Excellent Foreign Photographer Award.


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A range of photographic prints by leading landscape photographer, Craig Potton.

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art & jewellery

Work by Max Gimblett, Joanna Braithwaite, Karl Maughan, Warwick Freeman, Jessica Aggrey, Hannah Sheehan, Joe Sheehan, Annie Slack and Nick Von K. 

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books & dvds

Browse our bookshelf to find photography, art, nature, a fabulous children's section as well as Craig's acclaimed DVD series', Rivers and Wild Coasts.

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calendars & journals

New Zealand scenic calendars and a range of high-quality diaries and journals.

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Storm Clouds, Cleddeau Valley, Fiordland (limited edition)

There is definitely a Turneresque mood to Fiordland valleys in winter storms when the diorite mountains reveal themselves as imposing forces. Mist ...


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